Caricature Gifts

My caricature style paintings are very different
to most caricatures you’ll see elsewhere.  I
don’t produce quick sketches and, unlike most
caricaturists, I don’t exaggerate the facial
features.  In fact my clients seem to appreciate
my ability to produce a very accurate likeness
to the person or persons being portrayed.

The humour in my work comes mainly from
what the person or people are doing in the
picture, rather than what they look like. I like
to build into the compilation aspects of the
person’s life, be it in their business, their home
life, hobbies and interests.  I have found this
style goes down very well with my clients.

My corporate caricatures make really
excellent retirement gifts or leaving gifts.
These are usually presented to business
people as a very personal way of thanking
them for their contribution to the business. 
I mount and frame each one so that they
are ready for presentation.

I am able to portray group caricatures
consisting of, for example, family members
or business colleagues. There is no limit to
the number of people that can be included
in one composition, although enough time
will have to be allowed for larger groups.

I have carried out military caricatures for
the Officers Mess which have each
comprised of around 40 officers

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caricatures I have produced, please visit
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