Paintings & Drawings


A painting or drawing can make a wonderful
and very personal gift that can last for

Simply provide me with a nice clear photo or
photos to use for reference and I will do my
very best to produce a painting or drawing
you will treasure.

Here are some examples of how a painting or
drawing can make a unique gift.

Family Portraits:  As opposed to my more
frivolous caricature style pictures, these are
more formal, traditional portraits.  They can
be full body or just head and shoulders,
whichever is preferred.

Dog Portraits:  This is my particular favourite
portrait subject.  A dogs life is sadly relatively
short lived.  A framed portrait will enable the
memory of “mans best friend” to live on more
clearly.  I have reduced grown men to tears
and received hugs from clients when the
memory of a beloved pet is revived for the
first time so clearly.

House Portraits:  I have painted a huge
number of buildings that have been used
as gifts.  The list includes many private
houses, hotels, churches, office buildings
and even a school for a gift to a
departing head teacher.

Landscapes:  A photo of a favourite
landscape, holiday destination etc, can
be turned into a painting as a delightful

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