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replica hermes canada Any young fame-seeker worth his Twitter followers knows that if something works once, it’ll probably work again. With that in mind, erstwhile Birkin (“Birkin”) destroyer and photographer Tyler Shields is back and making more waves with his lofty, arty thoughts on consumerism via more photos of a Hermes (maybe) handbag in a compromising position.

replica hermes birkin price These photos from Shields’ “Indulgence” series, currently featured on his website, started spreading around the Internet late on Friday, attached to headlines about how the wild-child photog is at it again with another “$100,000” handbag, photographed with a live alligator and actress Ana Mulvoy-Ten. There are two problems with that idea.

hermes belt replica First, it is highly unlikely that the bag is real. The last time Shields got up to these shenanigans, he eventually admitted (after we outed him) to buying the bag out of the trunk of someone’s car and that he was unable to prove he had actually paid the staggering amount of the bag that he originally claimed. Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior, as they say, and I’m not sure this bag passes the sniff test.

hermes kelly replica The bag, both in these photos and the YouTube video that goes behind the scenes of the shoot, looks incredibly flimsy. Glossy crocodile Birkins are incredibly structured bags, lined in leather, that are unlikely to flop over flat as easily as this one does. It’s not impossible, but it’s also not likely.

Also, when I went over to our Forum to see if these photos had been discussed, a thread on them had been deleted by a section moderator with this explanation: “Bag is fake.” Take that as you will!

replica hermes birkin bag price Second, even if we suspend disbelief and allow the premise that this is a real crocodile Birkin, it would certainly not have the sensationalist six-figure price tag that other sites so breathlessly assign it. Crocodile Birkins in excellent condition go for mid-five figures on the resale market, and that’s higher than their retail price by a not-insignificant margin. In the video, which has not been color-corrected like these photos have, the bag appears to be Blue Roi, which is not a rare Hermes color and would not drive the price up further. Also, the hardware is standard-issue Palladium, which would not increase the price.

replica hermes gypsy bag The bag’s fake, in all likelihood, but even if it weren’t, it wouldn’t cost $100,000. Nowhere near it. Tyler Shields is a charlatan, but we all already knew that. If you’re interested, the rest of the Birkin photos are below, and you can see the full shoot, which includes “Prada” popcorn, via his website.

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HAHA, you deleted my comment? You right a lie in your article and I call you out on it and you delete me? Bad and untrustworthy

When he was on that Eastwood reality show he did Birkin photo shoot and later admitted the bag was fake. So I doubt this one is real

Poor guy. A good photographer proves his talent with good pictures. His work is not even that amazing.

replica hermes side bag Ohhh lord, this is stupid. Incredibly stupid. Nobody wins. You’re not an ~edgy photog~, you’ve got a thin white girl feeding an expensive bag to an exploited animal that already gets bad press and made into handbags. It’s tired, it’s boring, and I feel bad for the gator. :c poor baby. Hopefully, it didn’t actually EAT the bag, it might hurt it. Anyone interested in herpetology, reptiles in general, know how important gators are to the ecosystem, and that despite being predators, are fairly delicate creatures and impaction can absolutely kill them, slowly and painfully.

in any way, its just proves to me that whether a crocodile or a thin white girl- a Birkin is indestructible. haha. Off to save money for a nice Hermes.

replica handbags.com I remember seeing that in an interview he never said the bag was fake he said “The bag was delivered to me in the back of a Rolls Royce” If I was him I would sue you for this!

Although I love leather bags, I feel bad for all those animals, especially endangered species. Good point in this photoshoot, it doesn’t matter whether the bag is real or fake.

I share your opinion. Even if he used a fake one, the symbolism is still there. On a first glance, it’s still a Birkin

birkin bag hermes replica But that is still part of his point. It’s not whether he personally spent that much money, but that anyone spends that much money on a purse. I don’t necessarily agree with him, but I don’t think it’s an issue or contradicting his idea that he uses fakes.

Both times that he’s done this with a “Birkin,” he’s made a point of emphasizing how expensive and rare the bag he’s destroying is. He certainly thinks it matters, even if he’s not willing to actually put his money where his art is.

replica hermes bag 2018 Agreed. I feel the same way. I get what he’s going for, but I don’t think it was executed very well. I think the most interesting picture is the second to last (the model pulling the long pole), but even that one isn’t that great. It’s like he’s going for this “deep” message about conspicuous consumerism but falls short because it all comes across rather shallow and forced. Despite my opinions about his art, I don’t think it matters that he used a fake bag. I agree with the above poster – using a real bag would sort of contradict his personal views.

replica hermes bag 2019 I agree I don’t think it matters if the bag was real. And I’m not surprised he wouldn’t be willing to put his money where his art is, because giving Hermes money would sort of contradict his apparent personal ethics. I’m not one to talk, I spend enough of my money on clothes and bags, but I understand his point and I think it’s fair to point as “it’s my money and I’ll spend it how I like.”

replica birkin bag hermes price list Irina Shayk was recently spotted hanging out with a couple of friends in Soho. She’s carrying a bright, cobalt blue Hermes Birkin, of course. It’s surprising to see Irina in the city when her boyfriend, Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, is currently playing for his home country of Portugal in the World Cup. Irina has not yet made an appearance in Brazil, but she definitely appears in our “50+ Bags on the Arms of Our Favorite Supermodels.”

hermes bag price replica In other quasi-related handbag designer/World Cup news, Louis Vuitton has designed the hard case for the coveted World Cup trophy once again this year. (The brand also had the honor in 2010.) They’ve gone with their classic monogram canvas, for maximum brand exposure during the big reveal.

The color of the bag is quite stunning.

Whats the big deal, there seem to be using the same skirts

Dislocated bag from the look itself, not her cup of tea

fake hermes belt It seems more if she’s thought, ” oh the Birkin s a fancy bag soi’ ll use it, its great to use one..I’ ll be great, stylish and everything, yeeeahhh! “Love the Royal Blue Birkin look, it´s a great style of bag. Love to see more of the neon colors around.

hermes birkin replica Lady Gaga, arriving at her father’s restaurant, Joanne Trattoria, in NYC, carrying a vintage Hermes Kelly Bag that has been…well loved. Gaga has a history of carrying altered, or, depending on your perspective, “defaced,” Hermes bags, so it’s not a stretch to think that she likes the half-destroyed look of this one. You can find pre-owned Hermes Kelly bags in far superior condition for sale on Portero.

replica hermes duffle bag We’ve seen Gaga with a similar Hermes Kelly Bag before, so it’s possible that she and this Kelly have simply been through a lot together, and she feels compelled to continue carrying it for purely sentimental reasons. Or maybe a busted Hermes bag is just a key component of her unique vision for this particular fashion ensemble. You can see all of her ladyship’s favorite Hermes bags (and wonderfully bizarre outfits) in “The Many Bags of Lady Gaga.”

It looks like a normal woman’s bag. Doesn’t seem nearly destroyed to me. I am in camp altered, obviously.

birkin replica Her fans: “she’s making a powerful statement about the environment and how the delicate balance of nature and industry is in a state of turmoil with society’s inability to embrace clean energy and that through the combined spirits and help of her fans, she can slowly overthrow this evil regime of wastefulness and destruction”

best hermes replica I’ll just say, I’m a huge fan of lady gaga, if not more so her fashion choices than her music. She is a huge inspiration to me specifically in my aspirations in the fashion industry. With that being said, I feel like this write up has such a negative tone to it. Gaga once said the reason she “defaces” her Hermes is because it’s just an object. The one with the writing was actually signed by her Japanese fans. She felt the connection to her fans was more important than the cost, and covetousness of a man-made the object, appreciating the object in her own way.

replica birkin bag price Canvas is a tricky textile. It’s perfect for summer because it’s lightweight and breathable, which can matter even in accessories when it’s so hot out that the idea of having anything heavy or warm touching your body is too much to bear. On the flip side, it can also look inappropriately casual or, at worst, totally sloppy. The Hermès Vintage Buenaventura Briefcase, thankfully, has none of those problems.

hermes bag replica This piece, sourced by East Dane through famous vintage purveyors What Goes Around Comes Around, is the perfect summer bag for a professional man working in a corporate environment. The Buenaventura style is much more common in a messenger variant, which is more casual, but this well-tailored shape keeps the look formal.

hermes sandals replica Well, that didn’t take long. Only days after announcing that Christophe Lemaire would be leaving the brand to focus on his eponymous collection, Hermès announced on Thursday that Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski, most recently the head of ready-to-wear at The Row, will take over as its womenswear creative director, according to Women’s Wear Daily.

replica hermes picotin It’s not immediately clear what Vanhee-Cybulski’s appointment will mean to accessories fiends; at Hermès, more so than at most other brands, there is almost a church-and-state separation between what goes on in ready-to-wear and how decisions are made about the brand’s iconic, immensely profitable leather goods, silks, and accessories. The 36-year-old Frenchwoman won’t oversee handbags, but her aesthetic will no doubt influence those who do in certain ways.

replica herme bag Vanhee-Cybulski has spent the bulk of her career at Maison Martin Margiela, Céline and The Row, which, as the New York Times’ Vanessa Friedman points out, gives a strong indication that Hermès is committed to pursuing the expansion of its ready-to-wear business in the most restrained and dignified of manners. Get ready for more ultra-luxurious minimalism, which is, of course, a look that translates extremely well from clothes to handbags and accessories.

replica hermes belts Hermès is a brand with much of its appeal based on its heritage. No one expects it to innovate; instead, dedicated customers want Hermès to keep doing the things it is always done in exactly the ways that the brand has always done them. Although the brand sometimes rereleases bags from the archives, it’s somewhat rare that a new Hermès bag makes landfall, which is why we took particular note when we found the Hermès Halzan Bag, which is brand new for Fall 2014 and in stores now.

kelly hermes bag replica The Hazlan debuted on the Fall 2014 runway, and its selling point is that it can be worn four ways–as a shoulder bag, a crossbody, a north-south tote or a clutch. Such a structurally versatile bag is a particularly modern endeavor for Hermès, and and the result is surprisingly simple and discreet. When worn as a shoulder bag or crossbody (which is how I expect most people to carry it), there’s not even any exterior branding.

birkin hermes bag replica Official details on the Hazlan are few and far between, but here’s what I’ve gleaned from searching the Hermès section of our replica handbags: The bag is made of soft, durable Clemence leather with Palladium hardware, and it comes in several popular Hermès shades, including gold, blanc, bleu Saphir, etoupe, Rouge H, rouge casaque, retain and black.

hermes blanket replica In the US, the Halzan retails for $5,000, while it will go for 3300 euros on the European market. There’s some indication that it will be sold on Hermes.com in the near future (and it would be in line with the kinds of bags the brand sells online – functional leather basics at the lower end of its handbag price continuum), but for now, you’ll have to pick one up in stores if you’re interested.

replica hermes taschen I always learn new things on the replica handbags, and about 5 years ago, I remember seeing the ladies talk about the Hermes Kelly Doll Bag. They shared a photo of the bag, which is a classic Hermes Kelly with arms, legs, and a face smiling back at you and I thought it must not be real. But indeed it is, and this playful, rare design from the house of Hermes requires those who love it to go to great lengths to track down one of their own.

hermes bracelet replica Our friends at Heritage Auctions have the hard-to-find Hermes Limited Edition Noisette Gulliver Leather Quelle Idole Kelly Doll Bag as part of their spring auction. The live auction begins today, and if this bag is something you’ve been searching for, now is your chance!

replica hermes usa The Kelly Doll Bag is shrunken down to a tiny size, with dimensions of 6″ W x 5.5″ H x 2.5″ D. The whimsical feel of the bag comes from the smiling face and leather arms and feet. The turn lock closure is the nose of the bag, and the arms are moveable, which means you can pose your doll bag if you’d like. The current bid is $8,300 via Heritage Auctions.

oh … it is cute …I can imagine the orange… I gifted my 3 and 4-year-old nieces with mini versions of Tory Burch and MK bags. I imagine this might end up on a rich toddler or her collector mammy.

I saw one in person recently and the girl said she got it in Japan. It’s so adorable, I love that it’s so funny because, to me, Hermes comes off kind of stuck up a lot of times but this is playful.

In the year 2000, I bought an orange one for around $2,000. I thought it was cute…Then a week later I sold her on eBay for the same price. Bad move because today they cost around $20,000…

kelly bag replica Glee star Naya Rivera out in Soho with a sleek, black Hermes Kelly Bag. I repeat that’s Naya Rivera, not Kim Kardashian, but the resemblance here is startling. If you told me she and Kim K shared a colorist and a makeup artist, I’d absolutely believe you. Naya is in town for fashion week, natch, and she attended the Michael Kors show on Wednesday. Only select Hermes bags are sold online, and of course, the Kelly is not one of them, but you can find one at any Hermes boutique.

replica hermes birkin bag price 2019 All creepy Kardashian vibes aside, I don’t love this look on Naya – I feel all the volume here really drowns her small frame. This is an outfit I’d expect to see on a chic senior fashion mag editor darting around NYFW, but never Naya Rivera. Naya is notorious for showing skin, and seeing so little of it here is somewhat disorienting, frankly, even in the dead of winter. I feel like I’ve been complaining about seasonally under-dressed celebs for weeks now, but now I take it all back. If Naya Rivera can’t rock designer sandals and a bare midriff in mid-February, then no one can!

replica hermes australia This is somewhat Kim’s style from a few years ago, around the “Kim and Kourtney Take New York” era. The comparison as far as looks go; I don´t think they look alike but they have strange features, definitely because of surgery. It´s something around the nose and upper lip area.

hermes bags replica agree with Happy Friday and Truvey Taylor. I don’t recognize Naya, even since she got engaged to Big Sean, she’s been changing her style and image, probably trying to fit into this whole glamorous look. And she is not pulling it off. Plus she is not that famous or rich to carry a bag like Hermes. Probably Big Sean bought it for her

Discount Luxury Hermes Bags on sale, lowest price, free shipping on all orders, look at my name ^ ^

Does anybody have an idea of what leather this is made out of? Thank you so much!!

she is the reason why Kim k dyed her hair back to brunette. Maya is no longer beautiful, too much plastic surgery

I don’t think her face looks similar to Kim’s (although her hair color does) but this is clearly not Kim as she is not wearing skin tight clothes with exposed midriff.

hermes replica bags She’s clearly trying to change lanes but it’s not working. And I see all of her attempts for Kardashian-like comparisons as far as her fashions; people still don’t know who she is so, it’s a waste of time. I hope she works more on her career instead of trying so hard being everywhere/being “seen”.

replica garden party hermes When you hear the name Hermes, you probably think of the famed Birkin and Kelly bags. There are many other bags the leather house creates beyond those two icons, and most are fairly recognizable. Sometimes a true rarity pops up, though, and this time I ran into a bag I’ve never seen at Heritage Auctions.

replica hermes birkin 35 Behold, the Hermes Shiny Vert Emerald Alligator, Rouge Vif Ostrich, Violet Veau Doblis Suede & Black Calf Box Leather Sac Himalaya Bag. It’s a mouthful because the bag has so many different materials and colors in a relatively small space. It immediately caught my attention, with a gold-plated kelly closure at the top right corner and a skewed stance. This bag is from the 80s, and it shows off the brand’s craftsmanship via the exotic appearance, complex construction and mix of materials.

replica hermes twilly The starting bid on this bag is $15,000 as part of the Heritage Auctions Luxury Accessories Signature Auction on April 28th. If you want to own an extremely rare piece of Hermes history, get ready for this item to hit the market. More info via Heritage Auctions.

birkin bag replica I don’t think it’s distasteful looking at it as a contemporary take on vintage art-form. The choice of skin combination may be the problem with it. If Lady Gaga or Beyoncé carried this, it may not look out of place… it might even be covered. I’ve seen uglier like the LV skin patch bag that Beyoncé owns from a few years back. That was the cheapest looking most expensive bag LV produced at the time, and the ugliest Marc ever designed.

replica hermes belt That is quintessential 80’s OTT. Doesn’t anyone remember the big hair, the shoulder pads, the hideous makeup? I’m thinking “Working Girl”. It could definitely work in the 80’s corporate environment. Not saying I like it but in context, I totally get it.

very artistic and retro but certainly not a bag for the masses but the woman who is so self-assured of herself that she really doesn’t care what others think. I love the colors but it’s just too busy….not ugly, just avant-garde.

replica black hermes bag I’m not so sure that it is “ugly” but I just am not a fan. I’m not a huge fan of the brand in general…For the most part, they do not look comfortable to carry, most of the time the women carrying them have them hanging open, and if you did have it closed up it would be too labor-some and time-consuming to have to open up to grab anything quick….. I do think Victoria Beckham has some pretty colors and in a photo the bag does “look” beautiful, but give me a good Prada, Gucci, or any really good fine leather handbag and I’d take the 2,500 bag over these 20,000 any day (if I had to actually carry the bag and I could not turn around and sell it and buy about 10 other bags….

replica hermes belt bag UMMMM! So I am a child of the 60s and lived with big shoulder pads in the 80s and hung out at Stage 54 and am the 3rd generation Hermes devoted client who grew up surrounded by fashion that was often OTT. But this made me clean my glasses and then my computer monitor and then reload my page—I thought I was off center or something. Only a collector with more money than sense would buy this so I am sure that someone will get into an auction frenzy and bid too much. I thought Hermes used “Petite Hermes” for its scraps??? And then I it was April Fools joke. And then I decided it was a replica handbag from one of those Chinese replica stores getting really smart and offering a handbag that combined too many styles and too many different brands into one handbag!! So there is exotic skin scraps, a Kelly closure and what looks to me like a Celine or Chloe design element or both in this handbag. And WHY call it a HIMALAYA bag when all of us who covet Hermes know that Himalaya is very specifically used as the name of the ultimate and very rare CROC handbag made by Hermes—Victoria Beckham received it as the gift with the diamond clasp so Himalaya has had lots of press???? I am still stuck on how can you gracefully open it and how could you carry it? And usually I love asymmetrical designs in fashion, gardens, interiors but there is just something quite off in this.

replica hermes canada Looking at from a perspective that it came from a fashion era where “Power Dressing” style clothes with its structured shoulder pads were popular and the popularity of Patrick Nagel lithograph artwork and Dynasty series, this is a beautiful it bag to have for a woman of money back then.

I’ll see you 6+ and a bet on the Grand National! Do you remember some of the crazy hats at the wedding of Prince William and Kate? One of those fashionistas would have happily carried this! EEK!

replica hermes birkin price I pride myself on liking really nice things–no matter who the designer/what label it is… I’m certain that I inherited that trait from my late mother! But this is obscene!!! I’ve never seen anything so damned hideous in all my 5+ decades! And yet; some fool will be willing to deplete their bank account for this ‘rare piece of Hermes history.’ I’m truly sorry if I offended anyone with my comments…

I can see the design process … ” hmm what do we do we all the leftover material? let’s put it together and make a handbag! call it unique and slap a 5 figure price tag”

I hate to say anything negative because in general, I think there is always somebody out there who can rock a unique bag but… this looks like a child’s art project.

this is ugly. looks like they made it out of leftover materials. it’s good that Hermes tried to push the envelope but they didn’t have to push it that far.

hermes belt replica Intellectually, we all know that the world of Hermes (and, by extension, the world of Hermes customers) is not like ours. It’s easy to forget that, though, until something like the Hermes Plein Cuir Alligator Desk Set comes along, providing countless hours of workday luxury for a mere $91,600. If you have less desk space than the ability to purchase nearly $100,000 in Hermes exotics to adorn your office might imply, fret not – all of the pieces can be purchased individually, including a pencil cup that costs nearly $6,000.

hermes kelly replica Unlike a lot of brands hoping to be mentioned in the same breath with the iconic French leather house, Hermes has long sold quite a few of its most covetable products online, including some handbags. This desk set falls into the brand’s “Surprise!” category in its online storefront, which plays host to a rotating selection of luxury oddities and unexpected objects. Despite its astronomical price tag, this set does make a certain amount of sense in the context of the brand; most Hermes customers do have an exceptionally finely appointed office somewhere, even if they’re no longer at the stage in their careers where they have to sit in it every day. They’ve also probably run out of fun things to buy if an alligator desk blotter has come up in their shopping list, so

replica hermes birkin bag price This is a trunk show that needs little introduction. We’re huge fans of both Moda Operandi and Heritage Auctions, and when they team up, they give online customers unprecedented access to the rarest, most luxurious bags in the world. From now until April 28, you can shop a lust-worthy selection of vintage and pre-owned Hermes bags in both exotics and standard leathers, plus a few leather accessories and silk scarves. We’ve collected the sale’s most jaw-dropping pieces below, but we suggest you check out the full selection via Moda Operandi now. Cheap Luxury Hermes Bags on sale, lowest price, free shipping on all orders, look at my name ^ ^

replica hermes gypsy bag Our parade of celebs and their Birkins continues with Katy Perry and her petite, dark grey Hermes Birkin. Katy and her Birkin are seen here leaving dinner at Soho House in NYC, where she dined with One Direction’s Niall Horan. (This occasion probably merits further scrutiny, but you’re here for the handbags, so I’ll move on.) Katy’s bag is a 30cm Hermes Birkin – most of the Birkins we see celebs carrying on PB are of the 35cm variety. That teensy 5cm difference really changes everything about the bag proportionally, making the 30cm look and feel a bit mini. (Our own Megs has both a 35 and 30cm Birkin, so we’ve seen this magic up close.)

replica hermes side bag While we’ve featured some truly amazing Hermes Birkins on PB this week, we do feel obliged to inform you that we do try our best to present you with a wider variety of celeb bags on the blog…it’s just that EVERYONE is carrying their Birkins again lately. It’s a complete Birkinfest out there! Is there something about winter weather that makes stars reach for their Birkins? Or do they simply opt for Birkins because they come in such a nice range of darker, richer, more winter-appropriate hues?

she is not going to a grocery shopping to buy a potato bag. 30 cm is more than enough. You just got used to the wrong size and now a proper size looks too small.

I’m so sick of these made up fashion rules, she bought what she liked, she’s carrying it and enjoying HER bag. Who cares what size it is.

birkin bag hermes replica Christmas is right around the corner and tonight Vlad and I plan to bundle up on the couch, watch our favorite holiday movies, and drink hot cocoa. My Hermes Birkin is feeling festive as well and played dress up as Rudolph the red-nosed Hermes. What are your holiday traditions? And if you have a festive bag photo, share it with us in the comments below!

replica hermes bag 2018 The web is abuzz over Kim Kardashian’s Christmas gift from her fiance Kanye West. Kim Kardashian proudly showed off her bag on Instagram, which looks to be an older Hermes HAC, that Kanye West had painted by renowned artist George Condo, an American contemporary visual artist. Kanye first worked with artist George Condo in 2010 for a series of paintings for West’s album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The Hermes Bag has been covered on the front with four people, mostly nude and one with a green monster face.

replica hermes bag 2019 Many find the painting to be crass for the new mom but this painting is the kind of work George Condo is known for. In fact, Condo has created similar pieces of art before. What stands out to me is that many sources have called this bag an Hermes Birkin when it is actually an Hermès HAC, Haut à Courroies. The HAC is taller than the Birkin with shorter straps and was first designed in the 1800’s to transport horse riding gear. This exact bag may be one that the Kardashian Klan owned before Kanye commissioned the work, actually, it could be this one Kanye was seen carrying before. It looks to be a 50cm HAC, which means it will be very heavy and as you can see in the photos, very large.

replica birkin bag hermes price list Kim doesn’t seem to take anything the haters have said to heart, as she was spotted proudly carrying this bag just a couple days after Christmas. This isn’t the first Hermès bag we’ve seen altered, Nicola Formichetti took to his Birkin as did Lady Gaga, once with a marker and another time with studs.

What do you think of Kim’s newest gift from Kanye?

This is THEE ugliest creation I have ever seen? I can’t believe that people actually paid money for this garbage. This looks like my 5-year-old niece drew it! GROSS! What a WASTE of money!

hermes bag price replica Two attention crazed individuals trying to stay in the spotlight. The statement here is to tell the world that not only do they have access to several Hermes bags that we will likely never have access to due to lack of production and price, but that they have access to so so many that they can afford to commission an expensive artist to alter them, something that most of us fortunate to get one wouldn’t do.

fake hermes belt What a terrible thing to do to a lovely bag. Whoever this artist is this work is crap! Not to mention the ‘subject matter’ that has been painted on the bag…who or what is it supposed to be? To me, it looks like Mexican luchadores frolicking naked with the 3 Kardashian ‘ladies’, and they look really messed up!

hermes birkin replica I will never understand comments like yours. It’s replica handbags. We’re here to look at bags and take a break from the “serious things” you’re so concerned about. Let’s just enjoy the opportunity to make a glib remark about Kim’s ugly bag and then resume our more serious selves after, ok?

replica hermes duffle bag the bag is, of course, ugly and something I would never carry, and I wonder if they ever think about other people who may have their kids with them while shopping and then the possibility of their children looking over at this ugly bag and see naked women on it, no morals at all!

There are grand whimsy and folly in this very intentional act of vulgarism. This was Kanyé’s intention, no doubt, and his vision succeeded in every possible way. Chapeau, Kanye! Chapeau!

birkin replica Honestly, it is probably worth a lot more now that George Condo has put his stamp on it. His art routinely fetches in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, if I recall correctly his painting broke a record at Christie’s just last year going for well over a million. This is a one of a kind piece done by an influential artist – I’m surprised she chooses to wear it outside instead of displaying it inside of her home. Seems more like something you’d include in your art collection than pair with an outfit. Kim has plenty of Hermes, but this is really something no one else has.

best hermes replica I don’t see what is particularly vulgar about this if anything it puts a special twist on an overpriced and often generic luxury item. I think Hermes bags are beautiful but a Birkin/HAC is at the end of the day just a bag. A nice expensive bag, but nothing so incredible that the owner can’t customize it as they see fit.

Aside from the fact that it’s on a Hermes HAC, it’s just plain ugly. I wouldn’t care if it were on a $15 bag. But that’s the wonderful think about art-beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Needless to say, I have a feeling that Kim was expecting something, erm…else (better) than an ugly painting on an expensive bag. I predict that she’ll carry it a few times to appease them then display it as artwork.

I’ll never understand what the big deal is regarding the Birkin, it is such a boring and overrated bag. At least the painting makes it is interesting.

replica birkin bag price something interesting was brought to our attention on Twitter – Hermes now has one very particular exotic bag for sale on its website. In our memory, as well as our tipster’s, this is the first time exotic bags have been so widely accessible from the notoriously insular brand, and the Hermes Double Sens Croco Tote it may be an indicator of the inevitable future of luxury shopping.

hermes bag replica Hermes has an interesting product category on its website called “Surprise!” that is updated periodically with new pieces that range from breathtaking to oddball. It currently contains a marble horse-head sculpture that retails for over $7,000 and a crocodile mini saddle that will cost you in excess of 20 Gs. Most interesting to us, though, is this simple little reversible tote, covered on one side by either Porosus crocodile or Mississippiensis alligator, depending on the size you choose.

hermes sandals replica Hermes exotics are beyond legendary, and while the crocodile version of this bag doesn’t quite crack the ceiling to make it the most expensive exotic bag on the Internet (the alligator version, which is smaller, will set you back $26,900 to the larger crocodile’s $38,000), the presence of this one for sale online, directly from the brand, represents another step forward in the luxury business’ tentative embrace of online shopping. With Forbes reporting that online sales saw a significant spike while brick-and-mortar sales lagged this holiday season, the writing may be on the wall for even the staidest of designer brands.

replica hermes picotin The iconic French design house has long offered a limited selection of its products for sale on its website, but like Louis Vuitton, Hermes has always kept the exclusive pieces off the Internet. Although this bag’s online presence is likely a result of its basic design, and products in the “Surprise!” section generally don’t stick around for long, that Hermes would offer a piece from the most exclusive product category on its website says a lot about where the industry is headed.

replica herme bag The alligator skin on the green one actually looks brilliant (on all for that matter but the green is particularly fetching) but reversibility isn’t one of my favorite characters and needless to say the design is too simple and I’ve seen better versions thereof (see: Cèline cabas).

This is seriously f&£&ed up – pardon my French. A fortune for two pieces of croc skin stiched together. I am genuinely surprised nobody picked up on the so far… Shame shame shame

No closure just an open bag like a reusable grocery tote? No thanks

The green is to die for but I agree they wasted a fine croc with such a forgettable silhouette.

replica hermes belts January is a tough month. It’s cold, it’s dark, you have the whole post-holiday letdown thing going on. If you’re a luxury consumer, you also have to deal with the fact that many brands use the post-holiday lull to sneak in a little annual price increase. In the immediate future, Hermes is the price increase you need to worry about, according to shopping site Mizhattan.

kelly hermes bag replica Mizhattan is known for getting this kind of sneaky info on price increases, sample sales, and other hush-hush Manhattan retail machinations, and her sources indicate that starting late next week, Hermes customers can expect storewide prices to increase anywhere from 6% to 10%, depending on the product category. Her source indicates that handbags will be the most affected by the higher prices, and we’re taking that to mean that accessories and leather goods will be closer to the 10% end of the increased spectrum.

birkin hermes bag replica The full transition to new price levels should be complete by the end of the month, so if you’ve got a purchase in mind, you might want to hightail it to your local Hermes boutique after work tonight. A 10% price increase would mean approximately an extra $1,000 on the price tags of entry-level leather Birkins and 3,800 extra dollars on the crocodile bag that Hermes currently has for sale on its website.

hermes blanket replica Hermes, of course, is at the tip-top tier of the luxury handbag market; their customers aren’t price-conscious, to begin with, and for many, the extreme dollar amounts are a big part of company’s lure of exclusivity. 10% is a pretty hefty lift, but if you’re a company that does a turn-away business with $10,000 handbags, changing the price to $11,000 probably isn’t going to make that big a difference to those who buy them. There’s likely a price tipping point for Hermes out there somewhere, but I’d be surprised if this is it.